About Me



Like many creatives, I can never do just one thing... So, I decided that 1000 Pretty Things would be a suitable name for my business.


Things made from paper, wood, yarn and clay. Pretty designs for businesses, packaging, weddings and other events. The stunning play of light and shadow, blissful private moments and beautiful smiles captured on camera... This is my world, my happy place.

After a business degree and a couple of decades working with design agencies on the client side - negotiating the delicate path between creative expression and practical needs, I am now creating my own designs with exactly this balance in mind.

have been praised for my unique mix of creativity and organisational talent. My skills complement each other and I integrate them on every project with dedication and detail. I know a thing or two about marketing so I can help my clients with integrating the fresh new branding into their overall communications strategy.

Please get in touch to discuss your design needs!